Our Process

All of NON’s items are produced in small runs with every aspect from design to production done in-house at our studio in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. This ensures the highest quality products while paving the way for our business to grow responsibly. Being vertically integrated from concept to product allows us to have complete transparency in our supply chain.

We work hard to build connections and support those involved in the creation of our products, and being directly on-site we are able to personally monitor our impact on the local community. NON works closely with a community of women sewers and artisans to supply a livable wage and preserve the arts of handmade crafts. We also endeavor to limit our footprint by only sourcing available materials close to home and designing to utilize every scrap of fabric while producing very little waste.

We truly believe in the roles of designers and producers, and the decisions they make, to affect the necessary shift towards transparent and ethically responsible supply chain in the fashion industry. We are doing our part by actualizing our values and vocalizing the importance and impact of ethical production practices. Through our own experience and focus on the local community we hope to be an example of alternative options for fashion production, while maintaining standards of both ethics and quality.